We Have Arrived

Redeye Sunrise

We arrived safely in Honduras yesterday morning! Our flight got in about 9:30am and Tristan and Beth picked us up from the airport in Tegucigalpa.

One Last BIG Family Dinner

At about 9pm on Thursday night we headed to SFO with most of our extended family and two pickup trucks full of luggage, five backpacks, five carryons, and five pillows. I don’t know how we would have checked all of our bags without the help of our family (and one of Shane’s former coworkers)! It was a circus, but you had to just laugh. What can you do? The first Avianca attendant we saw said “Are you moving in?” Yes sir, how could you tell? Praise the Lord we got the sweetest lady to check us in for our flight. She said, “Don’t worry, I’m going to make this as easy for both of us as possible.” Whew! Even still, it took about an hour to check in.

Grandparents, aunts, and uncles came with us all the way to security. Veronica (Shane’s brother Lake’s girlfriend) had the sweetest idea to make us a box with cards that our family wrote to us so that we can read them when we get homesick. Lots of tears and lots of hugs were shared as we said “See you later” to our biggest support system. We will all miss each other so much!

The flight went as well as it could with 3 small children in tow. Cole slept the whole 5 hours from SFO to San Salvador (which is all that matters, right?). Shasta had some tummy issues, but overall it was fine. We were late landing in San Salvador with what should have been a 30 minute layover. Fortunately one of the nice staff took us on a golf cart to our gate which was at the opposite end of the airport. I think they were waiting for us because as soon as we sat down the plane took off! I looked at Shane and said “There’s no way any of our luggage made it with us!” Well they must have had some luggage ninjas because we landed in Teguc and 8 pieces made it as well. Customs was no problem, and the lady at Avianca’s “lost luggage” counter was optimistic that our 13 other bags would arrive on the 3 pm flight. Yes, you did the math correctly. We ended up with 21 checked bags.


Since we were in the capital and the day was young, Shane and Tristan stayed in town to shop for a vehicle. Beth and I took the kids to El Ayudante to start getting settled. It was so nice to finally be “home” as we were greeted by all of our friends and fellow staff. Zaida made us a yummy lunch and the kids got some rest. It was a rough afternoon for them. Lots of change mixed with emotions and exhaustion produced a lot of tears. “I want to go back.” “I don’t want to live here for two years.” Those were a few of the phrases I heard on repeat. It was sad. I want to paint the picture that everything was great, but I have to be honest too. I know there will be many rough days ahead, and that was just a glimpse. Fortunately, they have had a much better day today after a full night’s sleep and lots of playtime with the Mohagen girls, Maddy and Ali.

Shane and Tristan got a ton of stuff accomplished yesterday – Shane bought us a car! It’s unheard of to fly in and buy a car on the same day – it’s a long process! He bought an ’09 Nissan Pathfinder and we love it. It is the first car that we have ever bought outright (thanks of course to our AMAZING support team). Pretty awesome feeling, and also the weight of a lot of responsibility to spend wisely and get a good deal. They also got us new sim cards with Honduran numbers for our cell phones. After all of that they went back to the airport and by an absolute miracle they were able to pick up the rest of our luggage! 21 suitcases all arrived in the same day. What are the odds?! We are feeling incredibly blessed and fortunate to have everything here.

I think that just about covers it! Long day of travel, but well worth the effort. Thank you so so much to all of you who sent encouraging texts, messages, FB, and IG posts right before we left! We felt so incredibly loved and supported because you thought of us and were praying for us. It was the best, seriously. We love you all so much!

Please check our Contact Us page if you need our new phone numbers.

Blessing, Jess

4 thoughts on “We Have Arrived

  1. SO thankful that you and all your belongings arrived safely! Praying that the adjustment period is brief and that you will all he settled in soon. Looking forward to regular updates. Prayers and love & hugs to all of you. 🤗😘🙏🏻

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